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Globerider Tuscany and Veneto, Italy

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Tale of the leaning Tower of Pisa

Today we went to Pisa and Logan couldn’t help himself but have a taste of the marble walls of the tower of Pisa. He must have thought it would be similar to the marbled Italian ice cream.


Now look what happened!!! The tower of Pisa is leaning off to one side!!!

I’m trying my best to move it back into position…



And even Logan is trying to straighten it…


The people up the top are scared and start to panic…


Eventually we give up and quietly disappear from the scene, pretending we had nothing to do with it!

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Tuscany: Siena and Florence

After 4 hectic days in Rome we spend four days in Montefiascone. We’re lucky to have found a free camper park with electricity and even find some free hot springs nearby.


Logan is getting ready for a run and discovers that his running shoes have gone missing. We find out that he has left them behind in Sperlonga, when he wanted to air them out and put them under the van, so they wouldn’t get wet. Unfortunately we forgot about them when leaving. Devastated he wears his brown leather shoes for today’s run.
The next morning we are in search for a sport shop. I have my doubts they will sell Logan’s shoe size (EU 49, or US size 14) in Italy but we are having a look anyway.
It is Monday and we arrive at around 2:30pm. All shops are closed and the only sport shop is closed too. Half an hour later the siesta is over and Logan is being offered two pairs of shoes, two sizes smaller. He is lucky, the Nike shoes fit even though they are labeled as a 47!

I guess the good thing about losing your shoes is that you get to buy new ones!
There we have one happy Logan:


On our way up north through the beautiful Toscana, we are stopping at Siena, a medieval town.
We are having a drink at this piazza and do some ‘people-watching’ before driving on to Florence.


Arriving in Florence we first stop at this beautiful lookout over the city:


Florence, part of the UNESCO World Heritage) is the capital of Tuscany and has over 370.000 inhabitants, expanding to over 1.5 million in the metropolitan area.
We find a car park right near the river and spend the night here.
The next morning we are out and about quite early trying to beat the midday heat. We are crossing Florence’s beautiful bridges and stroll through the medieval centre, visiting the markets and a cathedral. There are artists on the streets, busking, mimicking and painting.

On the way back we treat ourselves to an ice cream each, well actually 3 each! This helped to cool us down and make the way back to the camper van much more enjoyable!

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