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Lysebotn and Lysefjord

While trying to figure out the best plan of how to visit the Preikestolen and Kjerag, we come to the conclusion that it may be the best idea to drive to the ferry terminal and ask for prices there. We want to work out the cheapest way.

Option one would be to take the ferry from Lauvvik to Lysebotn and back the same day without the car. We were also wondering if there is a bus going from the ferry in Lysebotn to the Kjerag walking track.
Option two is to take the car but on the way back get off the ferry earlier to drive on northward.
Option three is to drive all the way from Lauvvik to Lysebotn. It is a long, curvy and steep road but said to be very impressive. Then take the ferry back to Forsand to drive on to Preikestolen.

The 30min trip per passenger (no car) from Lauvvik to Lysebotn is 220 NOK one way. So we’d end up with a price of 880 return for the both of us.
So option 3 turns out to be the cheapest as we only need a ticket back from Lysebotn to Forsand which is 420 NOK for the Campervan up to 6m, including the driver and 220 extra for the additional person. That turns out to be about 86€ / Au$100.

So we make our way eastward along the bendy road and are rewarded with some terrific landscape! We even still find snow up here!


Having reached the highest point and soon the restaurant from which the walking trek starts, we follow the very steep serpentine road down to Lysebotn. The weather forecast is rain and clouds for the next to days, so we’ll just spend our time down in Lysebotn, trying to catch some fish and kick back before the 6 hour walk to Kjerag.
The Lysefjord is beautiful and numerous waterfalls are running down right and left, into the fjord.


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