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U-Boat 995 of Laboe

Having left Hamburg this morning, we are heading towards Kiel. My great grandfather left from Kiel on the WWI ship SMS König Albert and I always wanted to come here. Big cruise liners like the Colour Line are departing from here towards Norway and other destinations. Kiel is a pretty city but since we had some rain today, I don’t think the photos do the city any justice.

Here just one photo of a cruise liner in the port:

There is a U-Boat, the 995, in Laboe which I heard about and wanted to visit. It was part of the German Kriegsmarine and in service around Norway.


The inside:                                                                                 Beds:



There was only one usable toilet on board but only until 25m below sea level. Not sure what happened when they went under 25m?!


Logan squeezing through the narrow doors, and the radio room:


Too many wheels to turn?!



The front torpedo:


Near Laboe we are able to find a big car park right near the sea, which will be our camp site for tonight, and we get to see the beautiful summer sunset:

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