Flensburg into Danmark


Rain! Again! We’re making our way from Kiel to Flensburg along the Baltic Sea. Mum said: “You won’t need your fur jacket! It’s summer, even in Norway!” We’re still in Germany and I feel like wearing my warmest winter clothes!

Arriving in Flensburg, the wind whistles through the ship masts. It’s Sunday, all the shops are closed and the city is quiet, so what is there for us to do? We find a free camp spot at the eastern side of the port and I suggest we should go fishing here. I’m getting changed into warm clothes and the moment I step outside the door: Rain! At first I’m being stubborn and want to go fishing anyway but soon have to admit that it’s not very pleasant out here. We retreat back to the van and watch some episodes of “Once Upon a Time” on the laptop. Occasionally there is a big ship going past, sounding the horn.

In the morning Logan and I both wake up to “AUSTRALIA!” I can hear Logan turn around, to look out the window; now I’m curious too! A white van with red and blue painted windows and two kangaroos with the Australian flag are decorating the side. Logan caught a glimpse of the man who responded to someone asking where he was from. I only saw him leaving. This is only the second time we saw someone from down under within the last 5 months. I wonder if he saw our Australian flag at the front of our van?!

The shops are open today in Flensburg and we find our way to Karstadt, a popular German shopping centre that you’ll basically find in every city. Finding water tabs wasn’t easy so far, so I cheekily fill two bottles up with water in their bathroom which then discretely disappear in my bag. We also buy some more wet baby wipes, which turned out to be very practical in a camper’s life!

Still raining we only browse through a few more shops (I noticed many signs here are already in Danish!) and then leave for Danmark.
The border is only a few kilometers from Flensburg.
We aim for Aarhus today, as it is about half way to Hirtshals, the town we need to catch the ferry from in two days.
Aarhus seems to have a nice core with old buildings. Logan points out that more people here are blonde and paying attention to it, it’s true! Well over 50 or 60% are blonde!
Just behind Aarhus we find a lovely place right at the beach that will be our home for tonight. The weather has cleared up a little, though still cloudy and very windy! A few people get ready for kite surfing on the Baltic sea, while we are going for a walk along the tidal flats. Someone must have dug in the sand here before for mussels or oysters as there are holes and big mounts of sand next to them everywhere.

While we enjoy the late afternoon and evening outside on our chairs with a glass of wine, we keep seeing people going for strolls along the beach and the high grass with their dogs. One family enjoys a snack next to us while their two Golden Retriever girls “Malou” and “Bela” come and receive a lot of cuddles from us. Such happy, enthusiastic and greedy (hoping for a snack from their owners) dogs!

What’s for dinner? Kässpätzle!!! Oh yea, one yammie traditional German meal! Logan is still licking his fingers!

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