Naples, city of chaos


Traffic noise, sirens and beeping horns have accompanied our sleep. The heat in the morning is responsible for a quick breakfast as our van is turning into an oven. Getting the bicycles down, Logan wants to pump up his back tire a little more but instead of pumping air in, it’s coming out. Finally it is completely flat and we can’t ride into town anymore. This is really great timing as it’s not only very hot today but we are about an hours walk away from the city centre.

“Okay we are walking!” I say. Logan gives me a surprised look but then we start walking. I feel like jumping into the dirty sea, that’s how hot it is. An hour later we are in the city centre, gazing at a shopping centre from the inside and various sights throughout the city. It is here where we first have Italian ice cream and now we’re hooked! Nowhere in the world will you get ice cream with SUCH a delicious taste! If fruit flavour, nut, panna cotta, yoghurt, alcoholic ice cream, ANYthing you could wish for: You’ll find it in Italy! And oh so creamy!



Anyway, we pick up a tourist map and make sure we’ve seen the most important sights and streets but soon come to our end. The heat is unbearable and my feet hurt because my shoes have rubbed off the skin between my toes. Ouch. We decide on catching a bus back: What an experience! We find ourselves jammed in with other passengers, sweat, smell, heat, traffic jam, no movement! This is worse than walking! We’re getting off again. A few hundred meters later we are getting onto the same bus again… and… miss our station. Instead we are going through a loooong tunnel. Logan wants to walk back, but I can see another bus coming in the opposite direction so we hop back on. Finally we only need to walk another 400 meters and we are back at our Globetrotter home.

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