L’Aquila and Campo Imperatore

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First thing in the morning Logan tries to get us out of these grass mounts and mud. It doesn’t work. I suggest to have breakfast first and think about how we want to try it best before anything worse happens. While eating we discuss how we can possibly get traction under the tires and manoeuvre the van out of these two mounts. We then collect gravel and flat stones to put before and behind the tires. It takes about 3 goes of changing stones around we finally make it over the mount and are out. If we hadn’t lost our pipe before, we surely would have then. Only seconds later the wheels spin again. It is too muddy! I then navigate Logan backwards past the mounts and back onto the sealed road. Phew! (Video footage will follow on YouTube!!)
Let’s just get out of here; I need a change of scenery to get my mind off the mishappenings from last night.

Logan picked out a hike up Corno Grande, starting from Campo Imperatore. It is the highest glacier in Southern Europe, ideal walking times between July and September. (We have April!) While I like hiking, Logan keeps picking out these challenges and I don’t really know if I like the idea of hiking up a snow covered glacier in this nasty weather. We definitely want electricity for tonight and choose a campsite near Campo Imperatore.


Upon arrival we have to realise thatit is closed. So is the gondola to the Campo Imperatore and even the hotels look deserted. We drive to L’Aquila, the “capital” of Abruzzo in search for a camping spot. I found two on google. The first one turns out to be a car dealer, selling mobile homes, and the second one simply doesn’t exist. The search is not made easy by all the barricades throughout the entire city. Soon we realise, L’Aquila has been victim to a strong earthquake in 2009 and has been destroyed badly. Scaffold is holding

up and supporting entire buildings. People are working everywhere. Not having found a place to stay, we decide to go back to Fonte Cerreto, near Campo Imperatore, to be able to start our hike early tomorrow morning. We park up on a round car park in front of the hotels and keep looking around for a possibility to get electricity.
We honestly tried to find a campsite and were willing to pay for electricity and I’m now quite scared of having to freeze again tonight. Across the street is this hot dog van parked up and he’s plugged into a socket… Hm… We keep watching it for a couple of hours and once it gets dark, we park right behind him and sneakily steal power for the next 8 hours, being able to run our heater and watch a movie tonight. Let’s just not tell anyone. 😉 Oh, and I could finally iron the wax off the kitchen bench and put a flower sticker over the burnt area from last night. Out of sight, out of mind! Now we just to find a welder soon, to re-attach our waste water pipe!

View from our camp spot:


Hunting for electricity:                                                Sticker over the burnt kitchen bench. Fixed – for now!

20120424-172737.jpg  20120424-172400.jpg

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