Incidents at Lake Campotosto



After a couple of days of enjoying our time in Colmurano and finally solving our sink problem with some very agressively bubbleling drain cleaner, it is time to move on and make our way to Abruzzo National Park.
We drive south through the same nice mountain villages when going to Sibillini National Park and stop for some grocery shopping in Sarnarno. The prices for food are a lot higher than in Germany; we are negatively surprised.
On the map I pick “Lake Campotosto” as our destination. A lake will be nice to look at and maybe we can try fishing again there. The lake has 40km of shoreline and we drive around it once, before picking our camp spot on a grassy bit, next to the quiet road. Logan starts a fire outside and we try to enjoy the evening. Unfortunately
the weather turns quite nasty with strong winds and eventually rain, that we have to spend the rest of the night inside. I light up some tea candles to help the van warm up a little, something I had to regret later on.
Logan then wants to move the van but suddenly the wheels start spinning and instead of going forward, we are going backwards, not seeing two
mounts in the grass. (You can see them in the picture behind the van) We are stuck! He walks out and comes back to the van, holding our waste water pipe in his hands. “Oh no, that’s not good” I say and suggest, he doesn’t try to get the van out tonight. “We should just wait until tomorrow and have a look at it, when it’s bright.” I move the tea candles from the table to the kitchen bench and we make up the bed. I think about blowing them out but otherwise, they may help keep it warm for a little longer. I mean they are tea candles and have an aluminium case. We both keep looking at them for a while but they seem to be fine there, so we fall asleep.
At around 3:30am I suddenly wake up. Something feels wrong. The air in here is bad and it smells strange I think. I switch on the light and check the candles. They are all out but what I see then, made me feel dizzy: A paper box next to one of the tea candles had caught fire and burnt a 8x5cm area of the kitchen bench. I fall back into the bed and open one of the windows. Freezing air streams in but at least it’s fresh. Then I get up again and remove the half-burnt box and candles into the bin bag. While Logan is shocked about this too, he is back to sleep quickly. I have trouble falling asleep for the next 1-2hours. We are so lucky the fire extinguished itself and nothing else happened! No more candles in this van ever again!


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