First day in Italy

Day 5 (by Francy)

With the crossing of the border to Italy the architecture changes. I can tell we are in Italy, also by people’s driving habits. Just as I warn Logan that Italian’s are rather loud and aggressive people, we are being overtaken in a very illegal and cheeky way. Shortly after a car drives into a roundabout and when he realised he couldn’t make it, he just stopped in our lane, with Logan having to swerve around him and another car left/behind us then having to swerve around us. I guess my heart just skipped a beat! Not to mention cars beeping horns at us because we are too slow for them or the dangerous overtaking actions of those crazy Italians. How many times did I think they would hit the coming car.

We are driving along the coastline through Trieste, a city with a pretty centre and a big ugly industrial area and port. In the Board Atlas I chose a campsite in Jesolo, near Venice. It is supposed to be cheap, has electricity, toilets, showers and even wi-fi! Sounds great! I must have forgotten we are in Italy! Upon arrival I want to use the toilets and the receptionist tells me they are still being built. Awesome. We kind of wanted to avoid having to use our board toilet and now we just paid for a campsite without toilets. It is very hard in Italy to find public toilets. There seem to be no shopping centres like we know them from Germany and Australia. Petrol stations have no toilets and if they do, they are those dirty squatting down ones. I’m looking forward to the wi-fi connection, as I really would like to upload some photos. I don’t know what I was expecting but the wi-fi isn’t working either. It sometimes connects and I can just open an Internet page but then disconnects straight away. Arrrgh!

At least electricity works but wait.. we haven’t got the right adapter. Italy has got it’s own connections, so Logan has to go and buy another adapter for 18Euros.
We grab our pushbikes and ride through town to get a few supplies from a small supermarket. Most shops are already closed, I assume it’s because tomorrow is Easter Friday. With bread and milk in the bag, we ride back on the beach promenade. The sand is a browny colour and we both don’t think it’s overly pretty. Maybe we are simply spoilt from the beaches at home in Australia.


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