Touring Europe



After almost two months, including a 5-week visit to Australia, we are back to our mission. The motor home is waiting to get ready and ahead lie 6 months of travelling through Europe.

Day 1: (by Logan)

The plan was to leave tomorrow.. but I couldn’t wait another day. After spending most of the day packing all of our gear into the van and doing last minute vehicle checks we hit the road at around 3pm. Francy and her parents are a little different to me. They are very precise, cautious and seem to take their time getting ready. After I started packing away my clothes at about 7 in the morning, Francy, and then her mum, helped to get everything ready and decorated our van with flower stickers, pictures and other hippyish attire. Some of which Francy had painted herself with window colour, like the GloberiderTube hippie letters and a big green map of Europe on which we want to track our journey.

Where as I am somewhat the opposite. If it were up to me I would’ve left in the morning, grabbed what was necessary, before hitting the road with music full blast and only a direction in mind, only having to turn around after realising that I forgot something, or worse: would have been fined by the police because I didn’t have a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher or what else. I guess there is a lot to think of when you take off for a big adventure like this!

While I was a little frustrated at our slow progress I now appreciate our cool looking Wohnmobil and the fact that we are fully equipped. It definitely feels more homely and has a bit more character now. Sometimes patience is a virtue.

It’s only been a few hours into our trip and we’ve already hit a snag. A simple stop for Diesel has turned into an embarrassing 2hr waste of time. We can’t get the fuel cap off!!! We’ve been trying for about 10 minutes and even requested assistance from the fuel attendant who has just given up with a “sorry mate can’t help ya” look on his face.

Luckily Francy joined the ADAC (roadside assistance) who should be here in about an hour. After a brief ‘hello’ the mechanic just walks up to our van and with a quick turn to the left, it’s open! We can’t believe it; he did it with such ease and confidence. He must think we are idiots and what a waste of time it was for him. We’ve realised that when it was locked it was actually unlocked and just needed a good strong turn. We were sure it was locked, therefore didn’t apply too much force with fear we might snap it. Oh well, at least it isn’t broken.

To top it off we chose the expensive diesel by mistake, so decided to stop and fill the rest of the tank with the cheaper stuff. Which means Francy has to go and pay before we can start the second pump. We’ll be glad to leave this servo (this is Australian for “petrol station”).

It’s after 10pm and we’ve found a free camping area not too far away from Nuremberg. Its pretty cold outside at the moment and will only get colder during the night. We should be fine, Francy loves the cold……… NOT, but we have plenty of blankets.









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