Heading South through the Bavarian Alps


Day 2: (by Francy)

Surprised we realise it’s already 8:30am. Even though we were in the negatives last night and water outside of our van had frozen, we managed to enjoy a good night’s sleep. I’m walking out and around the van, looking for a possible toilet anywhere and suddenly find, what we could have used last night: ELECTRICITY. For only 50 cents we could have plugged in our van and used our heater during the night. Anyway!! Let’s not be grumpy now.

Just behind Nuremberg we leave the Autobahn and choose to drive through Bavarian villages and landscape. A great decision since we are in no hurry and prefer to see more than just roads and cars. The first glimpse we get of the Alps is unreal. The snow-covered mountains are hardly visible from the distance and almost look like clouds in the sky. I guide Logan through Bavaria in a bit of a zick-zack drive, stopping at the Chiemsee with beautiful mountain vistas in the background. The village stretches along the lake’s edge with stunning Bavarian villas, cafes, restaurants and mini golf places. People walk and ride along the lake or sit on benches to enjoy the sunny spring day. Chiemsee also has a jetty and small port with sailing and motorboats. We then aim for Konigssee, a famous lake in the most southern tip of Germany. Unfortunately it probably gained popularity after it became well known that Hitler had his summer residency, the Eagle’s Nest, nearby high up on a mountain.

Konigssee is very touristy and the footpath leading from the massive car park, down to where the boats leave is scattered with tourist shops. We got there rather late and everything is now about to close down. I’m kind of glad not having to run into hundreds of tourists. It’s only dozens I guess.

In the “Bord Atlas”, a camping site finder for mobile homes which my parents gave to us as part of our many Christmas presents, I located the nearest camping site with electricity, as tonight, Logan and I were looking forward to a warmer van.

Google maps leads us up a (very) steep and narrow road (with the wheels spinning at one point!!!) but it is too narrow to turn around. I can hardly believe this was the right way to the campsite but then we first discover motor home signs and then a couple of motor homes standing on a platform with a great view. This is it! We have arrived at the Oberau campsite. 10Euros for a night with electricity, that’s ok I guess. As soon as we picked our spot, Logan unloads his weights and hides(!) behind the Globetrotter van while doing weights because he is embarrassed. Finally we both sit down on our camping chairs and enjoy a beer while watching the sunset behind the mountains. I feel like in one of those Corona adverts “the place you’d rather be”.

20120413-162032.jpg 20120413-162229.jpg

20120413-162513.jpg 20120413-162542.jpg

20120413-162601.jpg 20120413-162642.jpg

20120413-162259.jpg  20120413-163058.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Heading South through the Bavarian Alps

  1. I’m jealous of the beautiful mountain scenery!

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