Austria – St. Johann and Fieberbrunn


Over night we had about 30cm of new snow in the valley. The mountains must be drowning in fresh powdery snow, so we scoff our breakfast down, get changed and get Logan some goggles. This time we chose to go to St. Johann at 1700m. At 9am we sit in the gondola all excited about riding down in the deep snow. A Swiss mountain dog is lying at the top of the mountain in heavy snowfall but he seems to enjoy the cold very much and is wagging his tail while we give him some attention.
Riding down the red track, I soon realise the burning pain in my thigh muscles from yesterday still. I felt like I wanted to stop but somehow kept going for another 3 hours! While I went back to the car to get changed, Logan kept on boarding for another 1.5 hours. I took the gondola back up to try and film him but the snow fall was so heavy, it probably wasn’t very good for the camera nor would all that snow have helped the quality of the shoot.

At 1:30pm we went back to Kirchberg to relax for a little bit before going out for some yummy Kasspätzle.



We wake up to blue skies and for the first time we can see the actual mountains around us. At breakfast we are told that “Fieberbrunn” would be a great spot to go skiing today and since Logan wanted to go there anyway to break the 2000m mark, we drive to the Fieberbrunn Ski area. Three gondolas and uncountable ski lifts are waiting for us and with the third day of no line-ups it can only be an awesome day ahead.

I still have sore thigh muscles but today I ignore any pain to just enjoy the perfect conditions. After the first two runs we even decide to take our Canon film camera with us, as the GoPro seems to literally freeze from time to time. Logan went through some deep powder snow and had a few funny tumbles, some of which I got on tape as proof. Hah! 😉 During one action Logan lost the GoPro in 3m deep snow but found the end of the tripod sticking out after an intense searching mission. Lucky! Not only the camera would have been lost but our footage also.

After 5.5 hours of powder fun we found ourselves in a wooden Apré Ski bar next to the ski run for a couple of beers before heading home to the Mountain High Chalet.

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