17-18/12/11 Cutting our Christmas Tree

It’s the big day of choosing and cutting this year’s Christmas tree. Our neighbours invited everyone for some pre-drinking at 10am: hot Glühwein out of an outdoor kettle which is hanging over a fire. With the car we are driving deep into the forest to an area free for people to choose their tree and cut it down themselves. Logan, mum, dad and I are walking back and forth in the forest trying to find the perfect tree which is not as easy as you may think and of course: the women are picky! Once we found a suitable tree, Logan had the honour of cutting it and carrying it back to the car.











Our neighbours even prepared a nice lunch in the back of their van, so we carry on eating and drinking in the forest, getting to know everyone a little better. My friend’s dad is a dedicated bicycle rider and invites Logan for a ride the next day. Not sure of whether he was joking or not, the next morning Logan is surprised by a ringing bell and three guys waiting outside of our house for him. They even brought a bicycle for Logan, so he quickly got changed and ran out to join them on their tour.









I later heard they had a break in a restaurant drinking beer and it sounded like Logan enjoyed the little excursion and made a new friend – Robert, who is about his age and studies medicine in Berlin. As if it wasn’t enough exhaustion yet, he only came in to say hello and then to take off again – running. My parents couldn’t believe it but it doesn’t surprise me anymore.


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