10-15/12/11 Magdeburger Weihnachtsmarkt and Dom


The Christmas markets are on in Magdeburg and I have been waiting for my “Schmalzkuchen” (deep fried dough with powder sugar on top) for years! The Christmas markets are the perfect place in winter to go for snacking yourself through the evening and drinking yourself warm with hot drinks, including “Glühwein”. This is exactly what we are doing, so we are starting off with a bowl full of freshly fried mushrooms, then we have a “Rahmbrot” (hot bread with cream, ham and herbs), Glühwein and “Germknödel”, a yeast dumpling filled with plum sauce, vanilla sauce and poppy seeds on top.


While we are eating there are lots of stalls to discover. There is a lady handcrafting glass art, a man selling his self-made wooden art, tables and masks, other stalls offer creative candles, beanies and gloves, christmas decoration and more.

Many times I have told Logan about the Magdeburger Dom. The 803 year old cathedral is the oldest gothic structure in Germany, built between 1209-1520. The north tower is 104m high and the views over the city are stunning. Gothic and scary looking gargoyle creatures are attached on the outside serving as the roof gutter downpipes. The architecture inside is just as impressing as on the outside and there is a new organ since 2008.
I push down the door handle of the massive door and while looking at my hand, I realise it looks like a Lilliputian’s hand compared to the massive structures.  The cathedral garden is surrounded by an undercover walkway and in the middle are the monarch’s graves.
A shame the towers are not continuously open to the public.

Another attraction of Magdeburg is the Hunderwasserhaus. Hundertwasser used to be a popular Austrian artist and painter who was an opponent of straight lines and order. It was Hundertwasser’s last project before his death in 2000, although the house wasn’t finished before 2005. I found out he was actually buried on his property in New Zealand under a tulip poplar, without a coffin, naked and wrapped in the Koru-flag:

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  1. Vielen Dank für den informativen Beitrag. Weiter so 🙂

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