03-05/12/11 Germany, Magdeburg

We are boarding a Lufthansa plane and I enjoy the German quality that is expressing itself in a spacious seat and leg room. Logan is very excited to go to Berlin, the capital of (war) history. At the airport I discover my parents waiting behind the glass windows, while we are collecting our bags. Now, when I see them, it feels like it was only yesterday that they left from Brisbane airport. In reality it is over a year ago. We somehow manage to jam all our bags and the guitar into dad’s BMW and off we go onto the German Autobahn (highway) with no speed limit. All very exciting, especially for Logan. 15 minutes later he is asleep, snoring away in the back.

In Möser, the village I grew up in and still my parents place of residence, mum cooks us a nice dinner: goulash, dumplings and red cabbage. The last show of “Wetten dass…???” is on TV and it’s like I’m being transported back into the past. Logan and I are sitting on the sofa with my parents and his eyes are closing several times, until they stay closed. Time to go to bed…


When we wake up it’s still dark outside but this time we made it until 7am. We are improving!
Again we are spoilt with food: a typical German breakfast with plates full of sliced sausages, all sorts of cheese, warm bread rolls, different typed of spread and much more. For afternoon tea we are having christmas cake (Stollen), chocolate cake (Baumkuchen) and homemade christmas cookies. I think I could eat all day…

With full tummies, we are packing our clothes one last time and rug up warm in our new winter jackets, scarfs, beanies, winter boots and gloves. Mum pre-organised us some really nice new jackets, boots and other warm clothes so we would be prepared for the cold and not have to spend time and money. Thanks mum!

My parents drive us to our own unit that they have done up for us to live in and to have a starting point for our travels. It is located right in the centre of Magdeburg, surrounded by shops, bars, pubs, restaurants, a museum, old buildings and the Magdeburger Dom. Dad unlocks the door and Logan and I are standing there with gap

ing mouth! New paint, all beautifully furnished, everything is done up with love and into the smallest detail! We are so lucky and I almost feel guilty for it.
Logan immediately starts to set up is music gear on the desk while I finally unpack all our clothes in the cupboards. We feel “sauwohl” (comfortable as a pig) in our new place! Time to relax!







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