02-03/12/11 London Sightseeing

5AM ! Great! Good morning time difference and thank you for waking us. It is still dark outside and we feel like it’s midday. I turn on the laptop and catch up on a few blog entries while Logan is watching a movie on his iPhone.

Two hours later it is still dark but Kian and Jane, our hosts, are heading out for work, so we can now officially get up too.
Fortunately Logan feels much better today, so we make our way from Camden to Trafalgar Square and book ourselves onto a sightseeing bus tour.

So here we go: past Oxford Street, the National Gallery, Big Ben and the Parliament, the London Eye, Covent Garden, London Bridge, London Dungeon, the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and many more. Near tower of London we get onto a ferry and finally get the opportunity to warm up a little. The hot chocolate and 20minutes inside are just enough to help me stop shivering. At the end of our ferry ride, we get out near Big Ben and are being held back by these east Europeans dressed up as the queen or Captain Jack Sparrow. They want us to take photos with them but don’t understand that we haven’t got any coins on us. I know that behind that smiling queen mask is a very angry east European guy but we really don’t have any money on us nor did we want to get into this situation anyway. Woups.

Logan has the great idea to sit on top of the bus again: in the outside! May I just mention once more: it is December, a very very cold time in Europe! The wind is blowing through my beanie and I don’t know how to hide from the icy cold wind that is blowing around us. I know this will be the end of my 2 years flue-free time. Logan doesn’t believe me – yet.

After a long, interesting and exhausting day, Logan and I try to heat up with a hot chocolate in a cafe at Trafalgar square. Back at Kian’s and Jane’s place, we are so tired, we stay home while they go out on their Friday night. We are feeling rude but the jet lag gets us once again and we pass out very quickly.

Saturday morning, 5AM. Oh no, this seems like we will never get out of this doom loop. Three hours later it looks like our planet is slowly turning towards the sun – unfortunately with a thick layer of clouds inbetween us and the warming star. We are trying to quietly have a shower, which turns out to be a bit of a mission in the old London unit. The doors and floor are squeaky and I feel a bit bad for being noisy at 8am on a Saturday morning. Logan heads out to get our hosts a little thank-you present and then we quietly leave around 9AM. Our plane will be leaving midday, so we haven’t got much time to waste.
We are heading straight back to Victoria train station, pick up our bags, and keep going to London Heathrow airport. I’m excited to see mum and dad finally after over one year, excited to return home the first time after two years and I’m glad we finally don’t need to carry around our 60kg of luggage anymore…

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