29/11/11 Missing the flight from Manila

Yea great, we missed our flight! For Logan and myself it is the first time this has ever happened but I was almost expecting something to go wrong during those 7 flights we had to make. Why did Air Asia have to have their Airport Terminal 3 hours outside of Manila? And why did our taxi driver have to have mechanical problems with his car?
Anyway, we now have to find a way to get ourselves onto another flight to Kuala Lumpur, so we can at least make the connecting flight to London tomorrow.

Nervous we are pulling our 30 kilo bags behind us to a travel agency 5min away from the airport. There is only one flight available today and it’s about 6 times the price of the flight we were supposed to board. It is too expensive and I refuse to book it with them and tell Logan that I’d rather search the internet. Suddenly they find another flight for about 50 Dollars less. Logan wants to have it booked quickly but our credit cards don’t seem to work at the agency, so he disappears with a jeepney to get cash out. I’m desperately trying to find internet because the lady in the travel agency is telling me the 5 computers are all defect. I doubt she is telling the truth and I think she does so for a reason. Logan gets back and I insist on going to the internet cafe. We find the same flight online for less but it’s still about 5 times as much as the original flight. We book it.

Now we have to somehow fill 8 hours at the airport. Food! We are so hungry and order the biggest pizza I have ever eaten. It is delicious but way too much for the both of us!

Eleven hours later we fall into a lovely soft bed in our hotel in Kuala Lumpur, finally!



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