30/11-01/12/11 London Day 1

It will be the last time I’m breathing in hot tropical air for a while. At the airport, Logan and I enjoy a burger which was not a good decision, as we later find out. The flight is 14 hours long and it appears to be the longest flight I have ever sat on. The excitement about flying has decreased after the previous 5 flights and Logan and I don’t seem to feel best towards the end of the flight. I’m still okay-ish but Logan must have been affected by the e-coli more than me and once we arrived at the airport, he disappeared in the bathroom for quite a bit.

At the Corner-Hotel in London Gatwick, things haven’t changed much and I woke up many times during the night hearing the toilet flush and belly rumble next to me. In the morning I had enough and gave us both some antibiotics and Logan some other tablets to help stop the symptoms sooner. It worked but Logan felt drained quite badly, so we also got him some de-hydration sachets and dry crackers to eat.

We are dropping the bags off at Victoria Train Station and begin exploring London town. We are starting off at Hyde Park which is host to the biggest christmas fair in London at the moment. It’s quite good and despite the cold weather and Logan not feeling 100%, he likes the German “Weihnachtsmarkt” and enjoys a big bag of lollies. Afterwards we are catching up with Kian at Trafalgar Square. He is the best friend of our neighbour in Palm Beach, QLD, and we are allowed to stay at his place for the following two nights.

Kian takes us down to Big Ben and afterwards to a typical English pub. There is a fire burning in the chimney and the men are having a beer; it feels close to home! Logan and I are starting to fight against the time zones now though.
In the bus to Camden we both fall asleep and once we arrived at Kian’s place, we soon fell into a deep deep sleep.
…Until 5am!

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