26-27/11/11 Leaving El Nido

Since the blog writing and editing of the footage has started yesterday, we kept on going all day today. A day not really worth writing about, except for the weird middle-aged Chinese man taking photos of me in the water from a 5m distance and the most delicious meal we had in months: Kässpätzle !!! It is some kind of German pasta thing with cheese and a few spices. Logan and I share the big meal for late lunch and return for a game of pool later on in the evening. The owner of “Marber’s” is German of course but has been in El Nido for about 10 years.

I hope I don’t end up on some dodgy Chinese website. That man didn’t even care that I looked at him, while he was taking dozens of photos of me. I was speechless and just sank down in the water, so all he could see was my face. How rude…

We are trying to sleep in today but the Sunday prayers have just started to be preached via megaphones in all of El Nido town. The sun’s rays haven’t even touched the roofs yet, so why why why? The preaching goes on for an hour or maybe two, it is just painful.
I feel intense vibrations in the walls of our motel, I figure it is the waves crashing against the little house. Global warming will get El Nido sooner or later, some of the restaurants and bars already have trouble at high tide.

Logan and I return to Marber’s and order another Kässpätzle for lunch. Then it’s time to pack our bags and head off to the airport in El Nido. The owner of our motel ordered a tricycle for us in which we are now hobbling down the street. I keep watching the wheel and hope it won’t fall off. Then we turn into a driveway and I see these markers, like a count down, along the gravel runway; very trustworthy!

Our bags are checked very thoroughly and everything(!) had to be weighed. The plane is tiny, I find out it’s an 18-seater. During our wait, we run into the Canadian woman we met on Malapacao. She had done a 10-day detox and lost about 5 kilos. I’m almost certain that what she lost, was only the inside of her intestinal tract and possibly a bit of muscle but at least she was happy.

The take-off is exciting but probably quite smooth for such a small plane. Ahead of us is an hour of spectacular views of islands, reefs, volcanos and forests.
The sky is turning blood red and the Manila’s skyline is coming closer. We land in an area of the airport that is meant for private planes and it seems to be a great spot for taxis to rip off their passengers. “To Malate? 450Pesos!” We want to get back out of the taxi and he says there is no other taxis coming and that this is the normal rate. We are forced to pay.

Back at Friendly’s Guesthouse the surprise: Our bags, including the guitar are still in the storage room! This is great news, especially since Logan doesn’t have one clean piece of clothing anymore. We are having dinner at a Japanese place only a few hundred meters down from Friendly’s and then lock ourselves in our shabby little room, turning up the air conditioning and fall asleep.

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