Malapacao 22/11/11

Attention everyone planning on going to Malapacao Health Retreat. Do NOT go. Read this:

To summarize in short: Leann Cruz was shut down by the government but is now operating under a fake name, a new business name but with the same poor sanitary conditions and unhealthy diet. You’ll find reports of people getting seriously ill from malnutrition and infections. People have been sexually harassed and there are bad disputes with the locals. Please read the link.

Hungry! While waiting for breakfast we are watching Leeann and another woman doing nude yoga on a large rock over the sea. It is a disturbing view but we can still laugh.

Unfortunately breakfast only consists of some weird tasting green cocktail, watermelon, coconut and banana.

Our plan is definite. We need to get food! The ocean is right out front, so it can’t be too hard to catch some fish!? Logan and I are searching for some line, a hook and bait. Watching Logan catching crabs was the funniest thing! He ran after them, back and forth, sideward’s, backwards, grabbed them and smashed them onto the ground. Poor bugger, but we really are hungry! I have second thoughts about eating the crab but they are too small to satisfy the hunger.

With our utensils packed up, we are jumping into the kayak and paddle around to the western side, dragging our self-made fishing rod behind us. We try our luck for about half an hour, nothing happens.

We paddle around the southern side and find a beach and it looks like there is a reef in front of it. The kayak on the shore, we are trying our luck, standing in the water with the rod over the reef. No fish. Logan grabs the snorkeling gear, to find out, if there is any fish around at all.

“Heaps of fish here” he shouts over. I watch him from the beach trying to catch fish for another hour or longer. He comes back and says, the fish is happily munching from the crab but won’t swallow the hook. “I have to make a spear!” I have doubts but hope never dies when you are fighting for survival. Yes survival! Being hungry is a very painful feeling!

So Logan is out there spear fishing, an hour later he walks back out of the water, no fish. Our chances are slowly dying and I realize we may not be able to stay on Malapacao for 5 nights.

We kayak back and are asking for some rice in the kitchen. The staff is smiling and says: “No rice here, only raw food. Want some Salad?” “Okay, yes please!” On the way back to our hut, we run into Leeann. She is laughing about us wanting rice. It feels like an eternity until we finally get our salad, it is just disgusting.

After dinner, we join Leeann and two other ladies for a fire and tarot on the beach. We don’t feel comfortable and leave soon, just after the other two did.

Still hungry we are going to bed.
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